Hot & Cold Stone Massage Course

Hot and cold stone massage is combination massage using heated basalt stone and chilled marble stone. This type of massage has been used in alternative for ages.

Stone have been used in ceremony and treatments since many years ago in the Shang Dynasti in China and the ancient Egyptian pyramid. We now know that the oldest rock on earth actually came from outer space in the form of meteor. Stone have been used in healing for many ages. Massage using the combination of hot and cold stone will ge give a deep relaxation and healing benefit.

The alternative application of heated and chilled temperatures known as thermotherapy. It was a great believer in the power and therapeutic qualities of water. It is believed that the free flow of blood and circulation in our bodies was the secret total health and wellbeing.

The use of various stones for healing has been practiced for centuries in many cultures. Learn how to massage the body using warmth from basalt stones which will float you into a deep relaxation while the cold of marble stones will generate a healing effects to relieve our tension.


Course duration : 5 Days - 35 Hours
Price : IDR 5.750.000