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Balinese Belly Bending by Empathy

The brand was established in 2018, initially focusing on postpartum treatments. It provided local postpartum mothers with Bali-style belly binding, which was not yet introduced in Hong Kong at that time.

The traditional belly binding technique, combined with specially blended essential oil massages, helped mothers tighten their widened abdominal muscles caused by pregnancy, assist in the repositioning of internal organs, and reduce fat cell water content, achieving the effect of reshaping the waist and abdomen.

Thanks to the appreciation and support of customers, the brand has expanded its services to comprehensive prenatal, postnatal, and beauty treatments, including prenatal massages, Bali belly binding, breast care massages, breastfeeding guidance and stimulation, pelvic bone restoration, and perineal closure treatments.

The brand has also established a training and development center, dedicated to providing further education and diverse training courses for the prenatal and postnatal service industry. Its vision is to enhance the overall industry standards. Since 2019, over 3,000 individuals have been trained through its programs.