Thai Massage

The origin of Thai Massage can be traced back 2500 years to Inda and the spread of Budhism. The founding father of Thai Massage Jivanka Kumarbhaccha, was celebreted yogi and doctor in the ancient Indian Healing Tradition of Ayurveda. His unusual skill as physician and surgeon was so well know that he was called upon to treat king abd princes. But all of the people jivaka attended to,the most distinguished were the Budha. Today jivaka is not only venerated as a founder of Traditional Thai Massage, he olso honored as the source of Ayurvedic practice within Thailand.

Taditional Thai Massage develoved over centuries within the environment if the Budha temples. The most famous institute for Traditional Thai Massage is the Wat Pho in Bangkok, still today the leading center of research and practicefor the art of Thai Massage. While Thai Massage is a culturally integrated traditional in Thailand, it is difficult to tolk about standard from of Thai Massage, various master have cultivated their own distinctmethod of practice.

Thai massage is an ancient healing massage from Thailand. it is a combination of pressure points and stretching technique to treat the tired muscle. Learn how to work on the meridian lines to release the blockage energy in your body.

Course duration : 35 hours
Price : IDR 5.750.000